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In the following text you can read a brief presentation of HSO Skåne as an organisation and our work. For example, you can read more about our commitment, vision and approach.

HSO Skåne is a co-operational organisation for a majority of the regional disability organisations in Skåne. Today 36 of these regional disability organisations are members of HSO Skåne, representing about 40 000 individual members in total. Each member organisation makes its own decisions and organises its own activities, but on issues where all member organisations agree, common action is taken.

A society for everyone

The basis for all work at HSO Skåne is that everyone is equal and that everybody has the right to decide over their own body and life. People with disabilites have the same needs and rights to live a good life like everyone else. Sometimes extra efforts and support are required to achieve this. Just as with people without disablilities, the quality of life is of essential importance!

Accessibility in many different ways

HSO Skåne is addressing the challenge of making the community fully accessible for people with all kinds of disabilities, through different projects, in co-operation with local authorities and others. The aim is to develop and modify community facilities so that they better meet the needs of people with disabilities. To achieve this, HSO Skåne work in a vast variety of areas in the society: health care, support services, education and training, labour market policy, physical planning, culture and information. Almost every political issue holds a disability aspect. Regarding disability politics, it is HSO Skånes fundamental policy that a disability should not imply extra costs for the individual in attaining a good life. A main task for the disability movement is to inform about this and to influence decision makers and the general public. 

High competence

HSO Skåne is a professional body with a high degree of competence in the field of disabilities and chronic diseases. HSO Skåne has carried out a number of pioneering projects in association with local administrations, health clinics, the National Health Service and other authorities. 


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to get in touch with us for further information. We also offer support concerning a specific type of disability and diagnosis. 

HSO Skåne
Östra Varvsgatan 23
211 73 Malmö
Phone: 040- 23 64 40